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New social media campaign launched for #SCHOOL on BBC Two

Level Theory has just launched a brand new social media campaign for an incredible TV documentary series called ‘School’ on BBC Two. The series is brought to you by our clients Label1 TV who you may recall also created the award winning series ‘Hospital’.


The series kicked off on Tuesday 6th November at 9pm on BBC Two and we got off to a storming start by generating over 90k organic impressions and making it to no.2 in the UK Twitter Trends chart throughout the show and for about 20 minutes post broadcast.



We’ve introduced a new style of subtitles on all videos for this series which really adds weight to what is being said. We have also created a new style of quote card which marries well with the video format.


Make sure you check out the wealth of content we have edited for the series over on the @Label1TV Twitter account and do watch the show – 9pm, Tuesdays on BBC Two.