#FamilyBrainGames trends at no.3 in the UK and is BBC Two’s top-rated show of the night beating Channel 4 and Channel 5

Our campaign for Label1TV has had an incredibly successful first 24 hours having trended as the no.3 most used hashtag on Twitter during broadcast with viewer ratings showing it was BBC Two’s most successful programme of the night.

The result

We created a series of videos, graphics and animated gif for the series as well as running the social media management and community management including running a LIVE chat on Twitter. The Twitter campaign was a huge success as we saw the hashtag #FamilyBrainGames trend as the no.3 most used hashtag in the UK throughout the broadcast. 

We also heard from Label1TV that viewer ratings for the show made it BBC Two’s most successful programme of the evening. It also beat both Channel 4 and Channel 5’s 8pm programmes!

Social media truly has the power to drive conversation and awareness for mainstream broadcast television. 

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