Feature Friday #06 - Branding Matters

We live in a world saturated with marketing material and targeted  branding has never been so essential for the success of a product or service.

What is branding? 

Originally, ’branding’ meant marking the owner’s logo on an animal or object with a hot iron. Now, not much has changed – it still means to stamp your identity onto everything you do, making it easy for audiences to recognise your brand. A strong brand is essential for product recognition, leading onto brand loyalty and repeat sales.

Here are EIGHT local companies that we feel have conquered their branding; Mighty Fine Things, Coxy’s Kent Liquers, The Salt Parlour, The Eco Pantry, Thomas Cookie Co., YouBao, The Cherry Tree and Northdown Brewery. 

Why is branding important?
Statistically, customers are FAR more likely to buy a product if someone you know has endorsed it in some way: wears it, shares it, or tells you about it.  

How do I create a brand?

  • Choose a company name that is not obscure but reflects what you do. 
  • Be sure to check that this name hasn’t been taken by anyone else and that you can claim the website domain and social media profiles. We recommend using https://www.namecheckr.com/.
  • Devise a logo that can be ‘stamped’ onto everything you do. Make it simple, make it relevant to you and appropriate to the medium.
  • Before you settle on a design, think about how this will look in all of its uses: on the product, on flyers, on your social media profiles etc. For social alone you need to consider how the logo looks in a horizontal space, vertically as well as square and circular.
  • You will also need to decide on a colour scheme, a font and ideally a strap-line that succinctly communicates what you do or how you want to be perceived.

Let Level Theory do it for you

Level Theory offers a basic branding package for independent businesses that includes a name check, bespoke logo (formatted for horizontal and square use), colour scheme, fonts and an effective strap-line. We also offer brand consultancy and content creation which exemplifies your brand. Get in touch for more details.


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