Feature Friday #08 - Feed The Brood

The result

‘Feed The Brood’ is a series of recipes, meal plans, classes and more created by Alex Thurman.  As a nutrition graduate, former primary school teacher and mum of three, she initially started ‘Feed the Brood’ as a baby-led weaning blog, but soon expanded to supporting families with fussy eating and family friendly recipes. Alex hosts a variety of inspiring courses, classes and events in Tunbridge Wells as well as curating an interactive Facebook community.

Her latest ambitious project see’s the launch of a downloadable ‘Masterplan‘ packed full of quick and easy recipes and ideas to engage the whole family at mealtimes. 

The Masterplan will help you save time, money and help you provide balanced diets for your fussy eaters at home. Download a copy HERE.  

If, like Alex, your business would benefit from engaging video content – get in touch!

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