Feature Friday #01: Spadework garden centre and cafe (Offham, Kent)

One of the benefits of running your own business is that you get to conduct things in a way that sits comfortably with your own moral code. The team at Level Theory are passionate about equality, the environment and supporting local business and so we try to be active around these issues and think ‘how can we improve on what we are already doing’. We have a LOT of meetings with potential or existing clients and many businesses organise their meetings around where is closest to their offices, these tend to be big coffee shop chains such as Costa and
Starbucks. We prefer to support local businesses to help some communities in our area. One such business we actively try to support is Spadework.

The result

We love to visit is Spadework in Offham, Kent. They are a charity who give life skills training and work experience to over 90 people with learning difficulties. Their aim is to help the Trainees develop personal skills through interacting with each other and the customers. They take part in producing the fruit and vegetables, as well as the scrumptious cakes that are served in their café.

As well as a lovely café with indoor and outdoor seating, they also have a little farm shop and a garden centre. The farm shop supports local producers, including essentials such as fresh bread and meats. You’ll also find luxurious items like fruit flavoured liquors, fudge and Simply Ice Cream pots with unique flavours to choose from. The garden centre includes home grown plants and all the shrubs and seeds you’ll need to perfect your garden.

On the second Saturday of each month (excluding January and February), Spadework hold the Offham Farmers’ Market. It would make a great day out for the family, with live music and loads of stalls selling tasty speciality food and drink. Definitely head to Spadework and check it out! This is a great little place whether you’re looking to buy some new plants for your garden or fancy a treat from the café. Perfect for business meetings or a trip your family can enjoy too. So next time you fancy a tea or coffee somewhere, try supporting a local business near you.

You can read more about Spadework at their website or if you have any questions, why not Tweet them!


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