LT Director Jessica Roe speaks to young creatives at the Jam Packed Career's event

Level Theory’s Director Jessica Roe was asked to speak on a panel of experts at a Jam Packed Career‘s event for young people interested in a career in a creative field. The event took place at the Arty Farty Retreat in Tunbridge Wells which is an excellent space for all kinds of arty events. Level Theory believes it is crucial to give back to your local community and so it was fantastic to engage with and interact with young adults who will hopefully go on to shape the future of our industry. If you attended the event and would like to discuss anything directly with Jess, you can contact her here. Many thanks to Elaine at Jam Packed Careers for inviting Jess down to speak at this event.

Jess speaking at Jam Packed Careers event at Arty Farty Retreat Tunbridge Wells


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